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Archery is fun.

People who play Archery are people just like you. Truck drivers, retirees, plasterers, teachers, salespersons, electricians, bankers, home makers or students etc. may choose to participate. Archery is played in a social setting and in a relaxed environment. This means that although the sport is demanding both physically and mentally, you will enjoy your day outdoors with like minded people.

Archery is a family sport.

Equipment used in archery is made to suite all participants regardless of gender or age. Archers are graded according to their ability; this means that with properly matched equipment, competition is fair for all participants. Participation in archery as a family sport is relatively inexpensive, with the added bonus that all members can participate at the same time. It is also a very healthy outdoor activity.

Archery is safe.

Prior to commencing to shoot our ranges, you will be required to undergo appropriate training with the club coach/s. Only when your ability has been assessed as competent, by the coach, will you be allowed to shoot on the club ranges. These requirements and precautions are in keeping with Pacific Bowmen Inc. affiliation requirements set down by our national body; Australian Bowhunters Association (A.B.A.). You must be an ABA member prior to being accepted as member of Pacific Bowmen Inc. As a member you are covered by our national public liability policy.


Starting out equipment.

We have a limited range of equipment for you to have a go on, for the simple reason there is a vast difference in requirements depending on the person’s physical size. However we can do with what we have until you decide that this is the sport you wish to play. This is part of the reason for spending time with the coaches so they are able to advise the correct equipment size for you. As mentioned earlier it is not an expensive sport, and second hand equipment is available from our club members from time to time.


Our facilities include a large shower and toilet block, storage lock-ups, indoor shooting range, two practice ranges, two 20 target ABA ranges used for paper and 3D rounds. Hot food and drinks are served at club shoots from our well equipped kitchen.

Age limits?

There are none as such. If you are physically capable to participate and the coach/s confirms you are, then you are more than welcome to participate. If, as a parent or guardian you have young children that wish to participate in the sport a club requirement is that you be in attendance until at least they have been assessed as competent to shoot on the ranges. We fully encourage parental participation and involvement in the activities of the club, in support of their children.

How long have we been in existence?

Pacific Bowmen Inc. was formed in February 1982 and currently has around 60 members that play archery at various times, and, also attend our regular working bees that are held every month, for a duration of two hours so that we are able to maintain our grounds and ranges that we have leased from the Gold Coast City Council.

How often can you shoot?

Once you have been assessed as a competent archer you are able to shoot the ranges at any time you wish at no charge. It is a requirement though, that children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult whilst shooting the ranges. Once a month we hold a Club competition where all members shoot in their grade and bow type division. See attached calendar of club activities.

How much is all this going to cost?

Yearly Fees:
Adult: $150 (All kids must be registered with an parent)
Family:$150 (discounted rate) ABA New Membership: $100 for adults $75 juniors/cubs (ABA covers insurance)
ABA Renewal Membership: $75 for adults $50 juniors/cubs
Monthly shoot fees: $0 included in your yearly membership fee

OK. It sounds great, now how do I join?

1. Complete in full, our Pacific Membership Form , and bring it and payment along to one of our Club Shoots, Working Bee’s or Coaching Day’s (please refer to event calendar below for dates). Please see a committee Member, membership Secretary (Lucas) or Graham our Club Coach.

2. Competency and training is required for all new members.  This costs $60 and is generally held the Saturday before each club shoot. For bookings and dates please contact Graham on 0414503769.

3. From the time you pay your joining fees, you will be a probationary member for three months. You can during this time decide if Archery is what you want or not. After three months your application to join goes to the committee for approval and you will be given the club code for access to practice.

4.You will need to join our National Association – ABA (covers insurance), prior to your application going to the committee.

5. Whilst coaching is taking place and your skills have improved, you will be then given approval to shoot the ranges and can participate in our Club Shoot activities.

6. Once your membership to the club has been accepted, you will be assisted and encouraged by all members to enjoy the great game called Archery.