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Full Club Membership entitles you to practice on our bottom and practice ranges all year.

Please fill out the form below and make a secure payment online to acquire your membership today.


  • Please beware that all shooting members must hold a current National ABA Membership for insurance purposes.  To join the ABA please Click Here
  • All new members to the club are subject to a strict 3 Month probation to ensure competency before you can become a full member.

  • Members under the age of 17 must be part of a Family Membership and have at least one adults details included in the Family Membership.
  • All new members must attend our coaching program for competency assessment which costs $60 per person.

  • By joining Pacific Bowmen you agree that you have read and agree with the Behavior Management Policy (BMP).

  • Pacific Bowmen have the right to cancel any memberships at any time that they feel violate the BMP.

  • Once you have become a member, you will be assisted and encouraged by all members to enjoy the great game called Archery.