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Class Information

Newbie Classes:

These classes are designed for all new members that have never had archery experience before. We will start at the basic such as what equipment to use and how to use it. A must for all new Archers.

Working Bee:

Come along and help further the club with our fun Working Bees.

Coaching Day:

A necessary for all Archers, no matter your experience. Coaching days can help refresh your skills and make sure that you are progressing at the speed and level you YOU want.

Club Shoots:

Come together as a club for fun themed shoots, such as 3D Targets, Bush Shoots and more. Make friends and talk to other like minded people and professionals all while enjoying a friendly competitive shoot.

Titles & Branch Titles:

State Titles and Branch Titles are held every year at different locations and allow Archers to show off their skills and compete against other Archers from across the State.